Beat with a stick list

Beat With A Stick List

This is a place where you can post, for all the world to see, companies or individuals that you think need a beatdown with a big stick. Shipping company broke your goods? Airline lost your luggage? Moldy bread at the grocery store?

Free your rage!

Current Beatings

User Who they beat Date Views Votes
LittleD Lunchtime Rudeness 6/25/2011 889 10
VB6Boy Apple 6/25/2011 804 9
dwirch Idiotic Drivers 6/25/2011 790 15
Anonymous Checkout Surveys 6/25/2011 785 6
Dani Email Customer Service 7/25/2011 895 6
dwirch No-watch having people 7/25/2011 856 8
FortyPoundHead Couch Potatoes 7/25/2011 800 8
Nick What people ask people with Broken Arms. 10/11/2011 1010 11
hawkesk Apple (II) 6/16/2012 883 4

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