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Append text to SMTP e-mails in Exchange Server 5.5

Within any organization, an Exchange administrator may wish to have a header or footer attached to all incoming or outgoing messages, such as a disclaimer or other legal notice. Doing this requires use of the Internet Mail Service Extension DLL, known as IMSEXT.DLL.

Posted:2007-05-02, 1674 views

Auto Reply With Exchange Server

If a user is away from the office -- on vacation, for example -- and forgets to set up an "out of office reply" for incoming mails to his/her mailbox, then you can create a rule to have the user's mailbox automatically reply to a sender.

Posted:2005-11-1, 1757 views

Control Incoming Read Receipts

Are you concerned about having e-mail tracking options enabled or that someone is spying on you? Here are a couple of tips you can employ that will put your mind at ease:

Posted:2005-11-1, 1533 views

Delay Delivery of an Outlook Message

If you are responsible for sending out information on a regular schedule, here is a way to do that even if you have to be out of the office.

Posted:2005-11-1, 1736 views

Disable creation of Outlook .PST files in Exchange 2003

Create or modify the DWORD registry value:

Posted:2008-07-13, 2180 views

Disable EHLO in Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000

EHLO (Extended Hello) messages are sent by Microsoft Exchange 5.5 and 2000 by default when starting an ESMTP conversation with another server. There are a few, although not many, servers that cannot handle ESMTP for inbound messages and can only accept mail sent via standard SMTP. A server that cannot handle EHLO will generally respond with a 550 error message with the descriptor "Unknown command" when the EHLO is sent.

Posted:2007-05-03, 1863 views

End Reverse DNS Lookups

One common complaint about Exchange is how slow it is, especially when dealing with Internet mail. The reality is, at least as far as Internet mail goes, much of the slowness may not be due to Exchange itself but with the way Exchange deals with DNS.

Posted:2005-11-1, 1587 views

Get NDRs in Exchange

First, open the Exchange System Manager. Then, follow these steps:

Posted:2005-11-1, 1641 views

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