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Free Joke Database

Webmaster Related

This MySQL database contains over 9,000 jokes. Peep it out, let me know if there are any good ones in there!

Full Article:  Free Joke Database  | Posted:2009-05-13 | 4673 views

Free command-line wallpaper changer

Free StuffNeed a way to reset the wallpaper to a default from a batch file? This will do the job nicely, no fuss, no muss.

Full Article:  Free command-line wallpaper changer  | Posted:2010-01-25 | 3219 views

Pusher - Screenshots and Download

PusherPusher is now freely available. You can download it from, or from here.

Full Article:  Pusher - Screenshots and Download  | Posted:2009-12-17 | 2816 views

US ZIP Code Database

Webmaster RelatedI've seen this database for sale by unscrupulous individuals who do nothing more than try to con you out of your hard earned cash.

Full Article:  US ZIP Code Database  | Posted:2009-06-13 | 2425 views

Free Quotations Database

Webmaster RelatedThis MySQL dump contains a ton of quotations from a large number of authors. I don't have an exact count, as I don't have MySQL, but it sure looks like a bunch!

Full Article:  Free Quotations Database  | Posted:2009-05-13 | 2327 views

Free Computer and Internet Articles Database

Webmaster RelatedHurting for content?

Full Article:  Free Computer and Internet Articles Database  | Posted:2009-05-13 | 1933 views

Free Food and Drink Articles Database

Webmaster RelatedMaybe you have a Food and Drink related site, and you need some chow-time related content.

Full Article:  Free Food and Drink Articles Database  | Posted:2009-05-13 | 1854 views

FortyPoundHead Joke Site Script

Webmaster RelatedI was playing with the idea of starting a joke site, but due to the lack of hours in the day, I've not been able to develop the site as I wanted.

Full Article:  FortyPoundHead Joke Site Script  | Posted:2009-05-13 | 1822 views

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