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Crystal Reports and VB6 on Windows 7 64bit

HiI want to use Crystal Reports with a legacy system in VB on Windows bit Does Crystal Reports work on Win bit Which version do you suggest I use at the moment I only have Crystal R ...

unresolved | posted:10/16/2013 12:11:30 PM | 414 views

run .vbd on windows 7

I have a vb project that for now has to stay in vb I installed vb on win bit machine and it runs fine The problem is having the user document vbd display in the exe container When I ...

unresolved | posted:9/25/2013 10:39:45 AM | 581 views

VB6 installation on Windows 7 problems

I am very grateful for finding this site After getting lost googling for ages I found this site and it made sense I am not a programmer I am an amateur I have written programs in VB They wor ...

unresolved | posted:8/11/2013 2:23:02 PM | 1601 views

vbsendmail for vb6

can you help me in solving this problem I used this vbsendmail to send bulk emails and it was working fine until few days ago it stopped working with an error smtp authentication failed can you te ...

unresolved | posted:5/22/2013 6:34:20 AM | 600 views

Msflxgrd/ssTab problems

GreetingsI have an application that works uses the sstab control to display different groups of data On one of the tabs I have placed a msflxgrd control This tab works as follows Sele ...

unresolved | posted:4/13/2013 9:05:15 AM | 554 views

Icons on VB6

Im runing VB with Windows Trying inserting an icon on form of the startup object or other comes a message Invalid objectSometimes other icons are accepeted but only in black no colours ...

unresolved | posted:4/11/2013 2:49:12 AM | 720 views

Object Library not registered

I installed VB Ultimate on many my computers XP Vista and now Win On HP win professional installed some year ago everything works fine designa nd execution I recentry got ab ACER ...

unresolved | posted:3/17/2013 2:41:55 PM | 1405 views

Not able to install vb6 on windows 7 64 bit

I have followed the steps given by you while installing vb on windows bitBut whenever installation gets start i am getting an error saying Set up has stopped and it will search for soluti ...

unresolved | posted:3/8/2013 4:02:05 AM | 895 views

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