VB6 Enterprise Edition SP6 Compilation error

Edwin asked this question on 12/3/2011. It has been viewed 816 times, and is currently unresolved.

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I recently compiled some of my VB6 work modules in XP Mode under Windows 7. On first compile, I al always having this error stating "DLL cannot be loaded". When looking at the VB6 References they are missing. So I would add the reference again and when re-compiled, I still got the error, so I re-generated the missing DLL, went back to the first VB6 module I am compiling and the error went away. The modules that I am compiling perfectly compiled in the Windows XP system I copied them from. Do you know of any reason why this is happening?


Answer from alexkw on 1/21/2013

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If U are talking about those 16 or 32-bit DLLs and OCXs, why not attempt to Re-register them on Win7, and also put them in the same folder as your Project Source code files.



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