Coming Soon

The site has been through some trials. That I will admit. Previously, our ISP coudln't keep the lights on. Now, Blogger can't server our pages all the time.

So. Time for me to break out my coding fingers one more time.

Currently, the site is undergoing a complete rewrite of all back end code. Expect the new site to be cleaner, in that the generated HTML will be much less cluttered. Server-side code will much tighter and faster executing. Database tables are being redesigned with different structures, for faster execution.

What will be on the new site ? The knowledge base will be the main feature of the site, as always. The following list is what I have planned for starters:

Other items may or may not be back. I don't have plans to bring them back, since the other items were rarely used. As always, if there is something you would like to see on the site, drop me a note at

Have a great day!