vb6 on windows 7 64 bit

Ramjay asked this question on 1/20/2012. It has been viewed 745 times, and is currently resolved.

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when i try to run the setup file its displaying setup is unable to open the file,file path run setup again from where you original ran it and finally saying setup was not installed. am using windows 7 64 bit please help me to guide


Answer from dwirch on 1/20/2012

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Are you installing it from CD-ROM media? or from a directory on your hard drive.

Most often, this is due to installing from a directory. There are two ways around this. Burn the files to a CD-R, and install from there.

Or you could use the the SUBST command to create a virtual hard drive from directory. Once you have the drive letter, browse explorer through the drive letter, and you should be able to install.

I would recommend the first route, though. Burn the files to a CD, and run the install from there.


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