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GooberTech asked this question on 8/12/2012. It has been viewed 823 times, and is currently resolved.

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how do I read the log from the blue screen of death?


Answer from dwirch on 8/12/2012

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You can use WinDbg, a debugger that is part of the Windows Debugging Tools, to debug a minidump. WinDbg allows you to debug without having to use Visual Studio. To download Windows Debugging Tools, see Windows Debugging Tools on Windows Hardware Developer Central.

After installing Windows Debugging Tools, you must enter the symbol path in WinDbg.

To enter a symbol path in WinDbg

  1. On the File menu, click Symbol Path.
  2. In the Symbol Search Path window, enter the following:

Be forewarned, however. Much of the information contained in a minidump may appear to be greek or swahili, at least to the un-initiated. However, if you have a development background, you should be able to get through it and find the hangup.


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