vb6 load problem

gwd4523 asked this question on 8/16/2012. It has been viewed 3161 times, and is currently resolved.

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I have been running a VB6 application for several years on XP. I recently bought a window 7 computer and successfully loaded vb6 on windows 7. The program was running fine on windows 7. Out of the blue I get an "Error during load. refer to log" The log says "Line 15: Class MSComctlLib.ProgressBar of control pgbUpdate was not a loaded control class." I use a progress bar in two places in the program. I get this same error message twice during the load process. The program will run in the development mode. I do get an error break when it tries to run the progress bar. Is there a vb6 file that got corrupted?

Any ideas?


Answer from dwirch on 8/16/2012

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You should be able to re-register the control (using regsvr32) that is being referenced, and things should return to normal.


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