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I think I entered question in wrong spot. I have a vb6 program which an end user clicks a file name in the file box on a form(vb6 program in florida). The pdf is located on a separate machine in New Jersey. When they the click the fle name the vb6 calls a sql 2000 stored procedure on the NJ machine which executes a com on the New Jersey machine which renames the pdf and also copies it to another pdf using filecopy in the com in the same directory. The problem is that the file box on the form in FLA does not refresh so the old name is still there. After 10 seconds or so it will refresh.
If the com is put on a separate machine in New jersey or florida and the pdf's are on a different PC than the PDF's it works fine.
I think its a windows 7 problem. Incidentally, if an xp executes the program it dosent matter where the com and PDF's are the file box refreshes each and every time. Its only when the com and the SQL ansd the PDF's are on the same machine the file box wont refresh eventhough i can see the change.

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Answer from dwirch on 9/3/2012

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This has to do with the way ShellEX updates things, I think. There are a couple things you can try.

Check the registry for the existence of the following key:
If it exists, change the value of DontRefresh to 0. This is a debugging setting for Office 2007, which should be set to 0 anyway, but for some reason it seems to get reset whenever Windows Update is run.

The other thing, which works for me more often, is to change the Windows Explorer settings for how files are displayed.

  • Open Windows Explorer

  • Press Alt+T, then the letter O. This will bring up your folder options menu.

  • On the General Tab towards the bottom, in the "Navigation Pane" area, make sure "Show all folders" and "Automatically expand to current folder" are checked.

There is also a bugfix that came out for this that seems to help *some* of folks. It's a bit old (May 2010), so you should have it on your box already.


I was able to reproduce this behavior, by the way. Utilizing a machine in Chicago, I was renamed a file on a machine in Los Angeles, and lo, the filename did not update on the Chicago machine, but did update on the Los Angeles machine.

After applying the second "fix" above (folder options), the problem went away.


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