VB6 & Window 7

BobLA asked this question on 9/28/2012. It has been viewed 863 times, and is currently resolved.

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How do you deploy application that was developed with VB6 on Window 7 with 64 bit with quite a few libraries (.ocx and .dll) and how do you register them? Will it work on Widnow 7 with 64 bits?



Answer from dwirch on 10/3/2012

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You'll need to package any dependencies in your setup package, just like you would normally do. Installation should not be any different than with previous methods used in XP.

I'm not sure what you are using to build your setup packages. I've always found the included Package and Deployment Wizard to be somewhat hit-and-miss.

Instead, I've been using Jordan Russells excellent Inno Setup Compiler. Much easier to use, and builds nice tight setup files. You can find it at:



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