Component msflxgrd.OCX is Not Correctly Registered or File is Missing.

rajmawale asked this question on 12/24/2012. It has been viewed 1125 times, and is currently unresolved.

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Hello Everybody
last night i have upgraded xp to windows 7(upgraded not removed xp). My vb6 installed application doesnt respond now. it shows an error message "Component msflxgrd.OCX is Not Correctly Registered or File is Missing." I have tried reregistering it but it dosnt work.Also i dont have that installed application setup..what should i do ?? please reply... thanks in advance...


Answer from dwirch on 12/24/2012

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Some questions that might help troubleshoot this:

Did you use RegSvr32 at an elevated command prompt to register the file?

Does the file exist in C:\Windows\System32 ?

What error did you get when you tried to register the OCX file ?


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