Msflxgrd/ssTab problems

Kidvb asked this question on 4/13/2013. It has been viewed 683 times, and is currently unresolved.

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I have an application that works uses the sstab control to display different groups of data. On one of the tabs, I have placed a msflxgrd control. This tab works as follows:

1. Select data from a dropdown box.
2. Populate the msflxgrd from that data.
3. Select a row in the msflxgrd. Using that data, gather more information and write it in a text box.

On my laptop (Windows 7, SP1), it works great! When I run this on my workstation, the textbox does not fill in from the grid click. I have tried this in three different workstaions - same results.

Programatically, I have tried to isolate the msflxgrd events to see if I can capture anything - nothing is being triggered. I have tried "_Click", "_Sel_Change" and "_RowColChange" to capture the event. None of these events are firing off.

When I move the grid off of the tab control (on to the form), it works correctly! When the msflxgrd is placed on the tab control, it no longer triggers the events.

I have done a check on the ocx files on the laptop and workstation; they are identical. I think that the fact the grid works when it is off of the tab control supports that at some point.

I tried fixing the msflxgrd with the latest version from Microsoft - no difference. (As I am writing this, I realize that it may be the tab control.)

A friend on mine tried the executable of this program on his pc and it works fine. It looks more like an ocx problem or service pack problem.

Has anyone encountered this before?

Any ideas?

Thank you,


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Answer from dwirch on 4/14/2013

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Check out this post over at Brain Assassin. He actually references my post (I'm flattered!), but mentions step 4 is the culprit that breaks dbgrid. I know you're not using a dbgrid, but a flexgrid.

But using the same process of re-registering the OCX for msflxgrd might do the trick.

Here's the link to JC's post on Brain Assassin:


Answer from Kidvb on 4/16/2013

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Thank you for the input!

I have have tried updating the ocx files and unfortunately, I've lost any previous copies to fall back on.

All the research I have points to an issue with the SSTab control. The sad fact is that I had the same problem with the VBtab control. For some reason the when msflxgrd is placed on any tab control, this event problem shows up when there is some unforeseen ocx issue.

I'm not giving up as the app is working exactly as I need it to, I just need to keep grinding away on the files on the pc.

Thanks again,



Answer from Kidvb on 4/26/2013

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Well, I am happy to call this resolved, but the solution had nothig to do with the symptoms!

In my final attempt to solve this MSFlexGrid issue, I istalled VB6 on the PC that was not firing off the MSFlexGrid events. I wasn't at all surprised to find that the MSFlexGrid work fine in VB6. I figured that the install had corrected the OCX problem that I couldn't find.

I compiled the app and ran the ecexutable. It worked fine.

I copied the new executable to our network and tried it there. No Good! I got the same failure (no event fired from the MSFlexGrid). What's going on?

For a laugh, I copied the entire (development) directory to the network. The executable worked fine on the network in that directory! I deleted the VB6 project files and the executable still worked fine. AT that point I tried to run the application from a differet PC (one which had failed before), and it worked fine.

For my last test, I copied the original directory from the network to my PC and it failed miserably. There are several directories and text files that my application uses. Something in one of those files is whacked. Beats me what it is and quite frankly, I am going to be happy to just move on from the MSFlexGrid that wouldn't answer a question.

I did remove the VB6 install from my work PC. I am still very protective of my VB6!

Thank you all for reading this and if you were nice enough to reply, thanks ad a tip-o-the-hat!



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