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Posted On 2011-05-22 by FortyPoundHead
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Ophion has been updated to include a few new features, a few bugs quashed, and usability increased.

It's been a productive weekend. Here are the items that were updated and/or repaired:

  • Print button added. Printer stylesheet also update so when you print the current view, you won't get all the extraneous site-related items (header/footer/left pane/entry form)
  • Reference field added for new entries. If you have a ticket number to tie to a particular entry, or perhaps some other "code", you can enter it here
  • New entry form built. You can now enter an item for any date, not just the current date.
  • quashed bug: empty description causes 404. silly mistake in the code on my part
  • quashed bug: random logouts

Suggestions for further improvements are always welcome!

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