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Posted On 2012-06-10 by dwirch
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Some new things have been going on with the site. You might have noticed the new layout on the front page, but there are a few other things going on, too.

Why are these things changing? One of the things that drives site changes are requests from users like you. If you see something you don't like, or have a need for something new, drop a note through the Contact Us link above. Read on for more details, though.

Just a few changes this time. Promise.

Bug Fixes

  • Ophion
    • Potentially nasty bug when making multiple entries on different days. For example, if you make entries for the week ahead on Monday, all the time was being counted on Monday in reports. Whoops!
    • Small charting error when figuring chart width

New Features

  • Faults
    • How do your colleagues and friends see you. This tool allows you to find out
    • Send a link around to everyone in your address book, and get anonymous opinions and ratings about yourself.
    • View your faults and ratings anytime
    • Available in the "My Stuff" menu
  • Member Panel Gone
    • The member panel has gone away - it was taking too much space.
    • The top line navigation is now a drop down menu. Simply hover your mouse over the entries up there in the header, and you'll get a drop down to access all the site features you have access to.
  • Article Submissions
    • Budding author? Submit your content for review and possible posting on!
    • Available in the "My Stuff" menu
    • One backlink to your site allowed
    • Original content only! Do not duplicate or steal someone elses work. Your article will be rejected if duplicate content is detected.
    • CSS templates - submit these as well!
  • Coming Soon - MinPro
    • Miniature Task Manager
    • Track your tasks and projects to completion
    • Currently in progress, open to beta testers only.

Got something else you'd like to see? Something about the site that bugs you? Use the Contact Us link up there on the nav bar to let me know!

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