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Posted On 2012-10-13 by dwirch
Keywords: Get the digits out of a string
Tags: ASP VBScript Tutorial 
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Ever wanted to grab all the digits out of a string? This handy little function will do it. Not sure what purpose this would server, but someone requested it, so here it is.

For example, if you have a string value that contains "My n4me3 1s J0e", this function will return a string value containing "4310".

FUNCTION GetDigits(value)

dim strOutput, strDigit, intKount

strOutput = ""

for intKount = 1 to Len(value)

strDigit = Mid(value, intKount, 1)

if (Asc(strDigit) >= Asc("0")) and (Asc(strDigit) <= Asc("9")) then
strOutput = strOutput & strDigit
end if


GetDigits = strOutput


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