Before you Reinstall Win98

Posted On 2005-11-1 by FortyPoundHead
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Here's what to do if you've saved your Win95 configuration and want to reinstall Win98-and retain the option of uninstalling it and returning to Win95. Search for WINUNDO.* using the Find utility; you should see the two files that store your Win95 configuration: WINUNDO.DAT and WINUNDO.INI. Note their folder, then close Find and reboot your PC. When Windows first boots, hold down the Ctrl key to open the Startup menu. Select Command Prompt Only. At the prompt, navigate to the directory for the WINUNDO files, then create a folder named UNDO on your drive using the MD command. Type attrib -r -s -h WINUNDO.* at the prompt to remove the attributes of the WINUNDO files. Use the DOS MOVE command to move the WINUNDO.* files into the UNDO folder. Restart and reinstall Win98. Now the Win98 installation program won't know where to find your Win95 undo files, and they'll be safe.

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