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Create a startup or "boot" disk for your computer

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Posted On 2005-11-1 by FortyPoundHead
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A startup or boot disk is necessary not only to start your computer when it can't start on its own, but it also allows you to run diagnostic programs to see what is causing the problem, and apply a fix. To create a boot disk, you will need a blank, 1.2 MB disk (any files on a disk you use will be erased by this procedure).

Here's how to create a startup disk:

1. Click Start.

2. Point to Settings and then click Control Panel.

3. Click Add/Remove Programs.

4. Click the Startup Disk tab.

5. Click the Create Disk button.

6. When finished, click OK to exit the Add/Remove Programs Properties dialog box.

Note Whether or not you insert a disk before you start this procedure, you will receive an Insert Disk prompt. Insert a disk if you have not done so already, and then click OK to continue.

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