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CHOICE.exe (Resource Kit)

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Posted On 2005-11-1 by FortyPoundHead
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CHOICE.exe (Resource Kit)

Accept user input to a batch file.  Choice allows single key-presses to be captured from the keyboard.


    CHOICE [/C[:]choiceKeys] [/N] [/S] [/T[:]c,nn] [text]


   /C[:]choiceKeys : One or more keys the user can press. Default is YN

   /N              : Do not display choiceKeys at end of prompt string.

   /S              : case Sensitive.

   /T[:]k,dd       : Default the choice to k after dd seconds

   text            : Message string to display the choices available

The Windows 2003 version has some slight differences:

    CHOICE [/c [choiceKeys]] [/N] [/CS] [/t Timeout /d Choice] [/m Text]


   /C[:]choiceKeys : One or more keys the user can press. Default is YN

   /N              : Do not display choiceKeys at end of prompt string.

   /CS             : Case Sensitive.

   /T dd           : Timeout in dd seconds

   /d choiceKey    : Choice made on Timeout

   /m text         : Message string to describe the choices available

ERRORLEVEL will return the numerical offset of choiceKeys.

For Example:

CHOICE /C:FH /N select [F] Floppy or [H] Hard drive

IF errorlevel 2 goto s_hard

IF errorlevel 1 goto s_floppy

Note the order of the IF statements above, IF errorlevel 1 will return TRUE for an errorlevel of 2 was originally supplied on the Windows 95 install CD, hovever there are some problems running this under NT - multiple concurrent invocations of CHOICE will clobber each other. will also burn a lot of CPU's when in a wait state.  The resource kit contains CHOICE.EXE which does not behave the same as CHOICE.COM

CHOICE can be used to set a specific %errorlevel%

for example to set the %errorlevel% to 6 :

ECHO 6| CHOICE /C:123456 /N >NUL

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