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Active Window Tracking
This tweak makes you most control the Window focus, therefore wherever you move your mouse the window will become active, similar to X-Windows on Unix. Open you registry and find the key below. ...
Posted:2009-01-02, 3582 views

You experience intermittent communication failure between computers that are running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003
You may experience intermittent communication failure between computers that are running Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003, if the network adapter is configured to use checksum offloading and the Win ...
Posted:2006-09-25, 2000 views

How to roll back device drivers
Rolling back a device driver may be necessary if you''ve just installed updated the driver for some device on your system and it''s behaving erratically as a result. To roll back a device driver i ...
Posted:2007-02-13, 1732 views

Use NETDOM to determine FSMO Roles
The FSMO role holders can be easily found by use of the Netdom command. Netdom.exe is a part of the Windows 2000/XP/2003 Support Tools. You must either download it separately (from here Download Free ...
Posted:2009-06-04, 8275 views

Managing Shares at the Command Line
Manage your shares from the command prompt with built-in-to-Windows tools, and leave the GUI to the noobs. There are many ways to manage shares using the graphical interface of Windows Explorer. There ...
Posted:2010-02-27, 13204 views

Move Downloaded Windows Update Files to Save Space
Some servers arrive from the manufacturer with an OS already installed. Also in some instances, the system drive (C:) is for some inexplicable reason is very small. The act of downloading updates via ...
Posted:2010-10-13, 14401 views

Disable 8.3 Name Creation (NTFS)
This key stops the NTFS volume from generating MS-DOS compatible 8.3 file names. Disabling this feature can increase the performance on heavily used NTFS partitions that have large amount of files wit ...
Posted:2007-05-03, 3573 views

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