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VB6 Tutorial 05: Event Driven Programming
Visual Basic is an event driven programming language.
Posted:2018-03-22, 1792 views

VB6 Tutorial 04: First Program
This lesson will walk you through building your first Visual Basic 6 (VB6) program.
Posted:2018-03-21, 873 views

3D Soccer Field
A form that implements a soccer field you can move around in and a grid using line controls only.
Posted:2021-09-22, 379 views

XPFrame User Control
XPFrame solves well known problem of standard frame's behaviour with XP styles (see screenshot bellow).
Posted:2021-04-15, 674 views

MD5RC4 VB Class
This class encrypts/decrypts data with MD5 hashing and RC4 encrypting algorithms using Windows CryptoAPI functions.
Posted:2021-04-15, 561 views

Gets the handle of the window under the mouse cursor.
Posted:2021-03-29, 473 views

How to start/stop and enum services using ADSI
This article will show you sample code to use ADSI to manage services.
Posted:2021-03-29, 521 views

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