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VB6 Still Relevant?
Visual Basic 6 (VB6) is a programming language that was widely used in the past, but it is no longer as relevant as it once was.
Posted:2022-12-27, 400 views

VB6 Tutorial 55: Using Data Types
Visual Basic 6 is rich in data types.
Posted:2018-05-28, 643 views

VB6 Tutorial 54: Collections
Collections are objects in Visual Basic that are used to store a group of data values.
Posted:2018-05-27, 11529 views

VB6 Tutorial 53: Control Array
Up to this point, we have discussed array of variables.
Posted:2018-05-26, 3892 views

VB6 Tutorial 52: Dynamic Array
In case of a fixed size array, we have seen that the size of the array is fixed or unchanged, but there may be some situations where you may want to change the array size.
Posted:2018-05-25, 2422 views

VB6 Tutorial 51: Multi-dimensional arrays
An array can be multi-dimensional that means, it can have more than one dimension.
Posted:2018-05-24, 1016 views

VB6 Tutorial 50: Arrays
An array is a collection of items of the same data type.
Posted:2018-05-23, 817 views

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