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Move a file from one folder to another syntax MOVE [options] [Source] [Target] key source : The path and filename of the file(s) to move.
Posted:2005-11-1, 1732 views

The NET Command is used to manage network resources.
Posted:2005-11-1, 1842 views

Display or set a search path for executable files.
Posted:2006-11-27, 1986 views

Automation with Batch Files
If you're familiar with MS-DOS at all, you'll recall that it's a command-driven operating system that performs functions issued at the C:> prompt.
Posted:2008-07-27, 2132 views

Batch file SLEEP Command
Most operating systems provide a command in batch files to sleep, or wait, a certain number of seconds.
Posted:2007-04-05, 3070 views

For Loop in DOS Batch
In batch scripting, you can use a for loop to iterate over a set of values or files.
Posted:2023-05-25, 258 views

Using @ in Batch Files
In a batch file, the at sign (@) is used as a prefix before a command to suppress its output from being displayed on the console.
Posted:2023-05-25, 233 views

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