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How to Delete Your Google Search History
Our online activities leave behind a trail of data that can paint a detailed picture of our interests, preferences, and even personal life.
Posted:2023-12-19, 111 views

Zelle Alters Policy to Refund Victims of Imposter Scams Amid Growing Concerns
In a significant policy shift, banks utilizing the Zelle payment app, including major institutions such as JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, have initiated the refunding of victims affected by imposter scams.
Posted:2023-11-13, 95 views

Okta Breach Reverberates Through Tech Industry
Recent cyber intrusions at network giant Cloudflare and digital vault company 1Password were linked to a breach in Okta's customer support unit.
Posted:2023-10-25, 120 views

AI and Cloud Services Amplify Email Threats
Generative AI tools like Chat-GPT, coupled with the rising adoption of cloud services, have intensified the risks of spam and phishing emails, according to a recent study.
Posted:2023-10-23, 138 views

Okta's Security Compromised
Okta, an identity tool provider serving numerous businesses, has experienced a security breach targeting its customer support sector, as reported by KrebsOnSecurity.
Posted:2023-10-23, 131 views

Equifax UK Fined for 2017 Data Breach
The UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has imposed a fine of over £11 million on Equifax Ltd, the British subsidiary of credit reporting giant Equifax Inc, due to their role in the 2017 data breach that affected 147 million individuals, including 13.
Posted:2023-10-18, 186 views

Protecting Your Computer and Personal Information
In today's digital age, protecting your computer and personal information is not just wise but essential.
Posted:2023-10-17, 181 views

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