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Which Tech Career Path Is the Right Choice?
The tech industry offers a vast array of career opportunities.
Posted:2023-11-06, 21 views

Why You Need to Write a Letter of Resignation
If you work in an "at-will" state, you technically have the right to leave your job without notice or explanation, just as your employer has the right to terminate your employment without notice or reason.
Posted:2023-10-23, 67 views

LinkedIn's Staffing Shift
LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, revealed on Monday a workforce reduction of nearly 700 employees, primarily from their engineering department, as per a memo seen by CNBC.
Posted:2023-10-17, 113 views

A Word to my Tech Brothers and Sisters
Embrace the ProcessRemember that innovation and problem-solving aren't just about the end result.
Posted:2023-10-10, 156 views

House Bill Targets Cybersecurity Hiring Barriers
The House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill on Monday, aiming to ease educational requirements for federal cybersecurity job applicants.
Posted:2023-10-09, 140 views

Modern Green Resume Template, with Room for a Photo
This resume template is a modern green style, which includes a spot for you photo.
Posted:2023-10-06, 178 views

Bold Green Resume Template
This resume template is a bold green style.
Posted:2023-10-06, 165 views

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