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Microsoft Amplifies AI in Bing and Windows: A Dive into DALL-E 3 and Personalized Experiences
At a recent event in New York, Microsoft highlighted a series of AI enhancements to its Bing search engine and Windows platform.
Posted:2023-09-25, 24 views

Meta's New AI Chatbots Target Young Users
Meta is set to unveil a series of AI chatbots primarily designed for younger audiences.
Posted:2023-09-25, 25 views

Alexa Gets a New Brain
Amazon's Alexa is gearing up for a significant evolution.
Posted:2023-09-21, 49 views

Google's Bard AI: New Features and Privacy Assurances
Google's Bard AI chatbot is advancing beyond just web search; it's now equipped to scan through Gmail, Docs, and Drive to assist users in retrieving specific information.
Posted:2023-09-20, 58 views

OpenAI's Red Teaming Initiative
OpenAI has initiated the "OpenAI Red Teaming Network," enlisting external experts to strengthen AI model risk evaluations and remedies.
Posted:2023-09-20, 59 views

AI Leaders & Senators: Discussing the Future of AI Regulation
Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and other tech giants convened in a private session with over 60 U.
Posted:2023-09-18, 23 views

Adobe Firefly: New Payment Structure & Official Release
Adobe has officially released its Firefly generative AI models, 176 days after its beta launch.
Posted:2023-09-18, 25 views

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