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Mixin Network's $200M Security Breach: Details and Reactions
Mixin Network faced a security breach this Sunday, leading to a potential loss of around $200 million, as announced on their official Twitter.
Posted:2023-09-26, 18 views

Tether's Controversial Loan Resumption
Tether Holdings has restarted its lending program, distributing its stablecoins to customers, in a notable reversal from its announcement last year to cease this practice.
Posted:2023-09-22, 46 views

North Korean Group Konni Targets Cryptocurrency Sector
North Korean-affiliated groups have historically targeted the cryptocurrency domain, with the Lazarus group being the primary culprit.
Posted:2023-09-18, 20 views

Lubin's Perspective on Crypto and SEC Disputes
Ethereum's co-founder, Joseph Lubin, voiced optimism about the ongoing disputes between crypto companies and the U.
Posted:2023-09-15, 13 views

CoinEX Suffers Major Crypto Heist; Over $50 Million Lost
CoinEX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, revealed a breach where hackers targeted its hot wallets, pilfering substantial amounts of digital assets meant for platform operations.
Posted:2023-09-14, 20 views

Stoner Cats 2 Faces SEC Charges Over NFTs
The SEC has accused Stoner Cats 2 LLC of illegally offering nonfungible tokens (NFTs) which amassed $8 million.
Posted:2023-09-14, 19 views

Crypto Clash in Senate
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown, crucial for advancing crypto legislation, expressed strong reservations about the industry, backing SEC Chair Gary Gensler's strict oversight approach.
Posted:2023-09-13, 28 views

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