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VB6 Still Relevant?
Visual Basic 6 (VB6) is a programming language that was widely used in the past, but it is no longer as relevant as it once was.
Posted:2022-12-27, 289 views

VB6 Tutorial: Why Do This?
I've been asked why I am posting a tutorial for an almost thirty year old language.
Posted:2018-04-01, 992 views

VB6 Tutorial 68: Using the Clipboard
Clipboard object is a simple object in Visual Basic 6 that stores data.
Posted:2018-06-10, 6383 views

VB6 Tutorial 67: Error Handling
In this lesson, I'll talk about error handling in Visual Basic 6.
Posted:2018-06-09, 1189 views

VB6 Tutorial 66: Validation
Validation is a very useful feature in VB6, which you implement in a variety of situations.
Posted:2018-06-08, 2016 views

VB6 Tutorial 65: Storing Code in a Module
Visual Basic 6 stores its code in the form of module that makes your program more structured.
Posted:2018-06-07, 3546 views

VB6 Tutorial 64: The Screen Object
One of the objects you can work with in VB6 is the Screen object.
Posted:2018-06-06, 1546 views

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