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Make Your Own CAB Files with MakeCab.EXE
Ever need to compress a bunch of files for distribution or storage? While ZIP is a familiar format, Windows offers a lesser-known option: Cabinet files, identified by the CAB extension.
Posted:2024-06-27, 43 views

36 Essential Windows Command Prompt Keyboard Shortcuts
The Windows Command Prompt, or CMD, is a powerful tool for users who need to execute commands to perform tasks or troubleshoot issues.
Posted:2024-06-20, 75 views

What is Perms.EXE?
Display a user's ACL access permissions for a file.
Posted:2007-04-24, 3817 views

PowerShell vs Command Prompt: Pros and Cons
Both PowerShell and Command Prompt (cmd) play significant roles.
Posted:2024-03-02, 141 views

Exploring with NetStat on Windows 11
When it comes to troubleshooting network-related issues or gaining insight into your system's network connections, NetStat is a valuable command-line tool for Windows 11 users.
Posted:2023-10-31, 180 views

Setting the IP Address from the Command Line
When you are building a Windows server from the command line, GUI interfaces are not available.
Posted:2022-03-23, 469 views

Basic Remote Administration with PowerShell
Everyone has heard of PowerShell.
Posted:2018-10-24, 699 views

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