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How to Fix the "Windows SmartScreen Can't Be Reached Right Now" Error
If you've landed here, you're probably dealing with the pesky "Windows SmartScreen can't be reached right now" error.
Posted:2024-07-21, 11 views

What are Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and How to Deal with Them ?
Have you ever downloaded software, only to notice your computer suddenly seems slower or you start seeing annoying pop-ups everywhere? You might be dealing with a potentially unwanted program, often abbreviated as PUP.
Posted:2024-07-14, 29 views

This is Why I Am Done Giving Away Software
I have been giving away the results of my hobbies for literally decades, for free, for use by anyone who wants it.
Posted:2024-07-13, 125 views

What Really Happens In A Data Breach?
Data breaches have become a common concern, affecting individuals and organizations alike.
Posted:2024-06-26, 35 views

What Causes msmpeng.exe High CPU Usage and How to Fix it
Msmpeng is the process behind Windows Defender, your computer's antivirus program, constantly scanning for threats.
Posted:2024-06-23, 43 views

Tricks For Remembering Strong Passwords
Creating and remembering strong passwords is crucial for online security.
Posted:2024-06-23, 43 views

A Beginners Guide to Avoid being Catfished
The internet opens up a world of possibilities, from connecting with old friends to making new ones.
Posted:2024-05-30, 58 views

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