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What to do when there is an Unusual Sign-in Activity to your Microsoft Account
If you notice unusual sign-in activity on your Microsoft account, it's crucial to take immediate action to secure your account and prevent unauthorized access.
Posted:2024-02-17, 28 views

What is Windows Credential Manager?
Windows Credential Manager is a feature in Microsoft Windows operating systems that allows users to store and manage credentials such as usernames and passwords for various applications and services.
Posted:2024-02-03, 47 views

What is Kernel Mode Hardware Enforced Protection?
Kernel Mode Hardware Enforced Stack Protection is a security feature introduced in Windows 11 aimed at enhancing the resilience of the operating system against certain types of exploits, particularly those targeting the kernel stack.
Posted:2024-02-06, 32 views

How to Find Your Bitlocker Recovery Key
BitLocker, a built-in encryption feature in Windows, adds an extra layer of security to your data by encrypting entire drives.
Posted:2024-01-24, 44 views

How to Enable Secure Boot for Windows 11
Ensuring the protection of your operating system is paramount.
Posted:2024-01-24, 44 views

What Is Red Teaming?
Organizations are constantly seeking innovative methods to fortify their defenses against potential threats.
Posted:2024-01-15, 107 views

How Do Password Managers Fit into the Password-Less Future?
The concept of a password-less future envisions a world where traditional passwords are replaced or supplemented by more secure and user-friendly authentication methods.
Posted:2024-01-07, 44 views

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