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Check Exchange Queues
Get-Queue cmdlet allows to check mail queues on the Exchange server.
Posted:2022-08-25, 202 views

Check Exchange Service Status
This command is helpful in quickly seeing which services are running particularly after a reboot.
Posted:2022-08-25, 299 views

Mailbox and User Counts with PowerShell
There are a few examples to display how many users you have in AD, how many users that are enabled and also how many that are disabled.
Posted:2022-08-25, 224 views

Find Deferred Messages in Exchange
Here is a quick little one liner to find all the deferred messages with FromAddress, Recipients and DeferReason.
Posted:2022-08-24, 226 views

Verifying Your Backups
Your backup is of no value to you if you can't restore it.
Posted:2007-05-03, 1800 views

What are some cases where EDBUTIL/ESEUTIL should be run? Is there an article regarding information store startup problems?
You should be very careful running EDBUTIL or ESEUTIL in repair mode.
Posted:2007-05-03, 2038 views

How to setup a disaster recovery server
You may need to set up a Microsoft Exchange Server computer to recover information from the Exchange directory service contained in the Dir.
Posted:2007-05-03, 1804 views

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