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Retrieve a List of Workstations from Active Directory with PowerShell
To query Active Directory for Windows workstations using PowerShell, you typically use the Get-ADComputer cmdlet, which is a part of the ActiveDirectory module.
Posted:2023-10-23, 81 views

PowerShell and Group Policy
Windows Group Policy is a powerful tool that enables administrators to manage and configure settings for users and computers in a network environment.
Posted:2023-04-21, 275 views

Pros and Cons of DSC
Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a configuration management tool that allows you to define and enforce the desired state of your infrastructure using declarative code.
Posted:2023-02-14, 330 views

Password Policies
A password policy is a set of rules and guidelines that dictate how users should create and manage their passwords within an organization.
Posted:2023-01-26, 124 views

What is Group Policy?
Group Policy is a feature in Microsoft Windows that allows administrators to set policies for groups of users and computers in an Active Directory environment.
Posted:2023-01-23, 185 views

Tracking User Logons
To track user logins across a Windows Active Directory Domain, you can use the built-in Event Viewer tool.
Posted:2023-01-19, 113 views

Find Inactive Users in Active Directory
Search for people who haven't logged on to a domain in the past 180 days.
Posted:2022-08-25, 129 views

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