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PowerShell and Group Policy
Windows Group Policy is a powerful tool that enables administrators to manage and configure settings for users and computers in a network environment. PowerShell, on the other hand, is a command-line ...
Posted:2023-04-21, 105 views

Pros and Cons of DSC
Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a configuration management tool that allows you to define and enforce the desired state of your infrastructure using declarative code. DSC is based on PowerShell a ...
Posted:2023-02-14, 113 views

Password Policies
A password policy is a set of rules and guidelines that dictate how users should create and manage their passwords within an organization. These policies typically include requirements for minimum pas ...
Posted:2023-01-26, 73 views

What is Group Policy?
Group Policy is a feature in Microsoft Windows that allows administrators to set policies for groups of users and computers in an Active Directory environment. It is an essential tool for managing and ...
Posted:2023-01-23, 100 views

Tracking User Logons
To track user logins across a Windows Active Directory Domain, you can use the built-in Event Viewer tool. This tool allows you to view and filter event logs on a domain controller.To access the Event ...
Posted:2023-01-19, 85 views

Find Inactive Users in Active Directory
Search for people who haven't logged on to a domain in the past 180 days.$180days = (get-date).adddays(-180)get-aduser -filter * -properties lastlogondate | sort -property lastlogondate | Where-Object ...
Posted:2022-08-25, 97 views

Export GPO Settings
Exports all GPO's across domains in HTML or XML file.Import-Module GroupPolicy# Export to HTMLGet-GPOReport -All -ReportType html -Path C:\GPO\Export\report.html# Export to XMLGet-GPOReport -All -Repo ...
Posted:2022-08-25, 455 views

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