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On-Demand File Scanning with Microsoft Defender via PowerShell
Welcome to this comprehensive guide where we will delve into the specifics of how to run an on-demand Antivirus (AV) scanning on a file using Microsoft Defender and PowerShell.
Posted:2023-07-30, 43 views

25 PowerShell Commands to Know
PowerShell has emerged as a powerful alternative when it comes to executing commands on Windows, providing enthusiasts with more options than the traditional Windows command line, which had limited capabilities for years.
Posted:2023-07-18, 152 views

Automation with Batch Files
If you're familiar with MS-DOS at all, you'll recall that it's a command-driven operating system that performs functions issued at the C:> prompt.
Posted:2008-07-27, 2080 views

For Loop in DOS Batch
In batch scripting, you can use a for loop to iterate over a set of values or files.
Posted:2023-05-25, 176 views

Using @ in Batch Files
In a batch file, the at sign (@) is used as a prefix before a command to suppress its output from being displayed on the console.
Posted:2023-05-25, 193 views

PowerShell and Group Policy
Windows Group Policy is a powerful tool that enables administrators to manage and configure settings for users and computers in a network environment.
Posted:2023-04-21, 231 views

Using the Pipeline
PowerShell is a powerful scripting language that comes with Windows operating systems.
Posted:2023-04-11, 156 views

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