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Ophion Time Tracking
Time tracking is incredibly important for technical professionals for several reasons.
Posted:2024-03-01, 150 views

Fidelity National Financial Confirms Cybersecurity Incident Impacting Operations
Fidelity National Financial (FNF), a Fortune 500 insurance company, has officially acknowledged falling victim to a cybersecurity incident, as reported in an 8-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Posted:2023-11-27, 127 views

Lazarus Group Exploits Zero-Day in MagicLine4NX
The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) jointly warned about the North Korea-linked Lazarus hacking group exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in the MagicLine4NX software, developed by South Korean company Dream Security.
Posted:2023-11-27, 109 views

InfectedSlurs Botnet Exploits Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Routers and NVRs
Threat actors are capitalizing on undisclosed vulnerabilities in select routers and network video recorder (NVR) devices to construct a Mirai-based distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) botnet known as InfectedSlurs.
Posted:2023-11-27, 142 views

Urgent Action Required: Safeguard Your Old Google Accounts Before Dec. 1
Act quickly to retain ownership of your aging Google accounts.
Posted:2023-11-27, 93 views

Jump Trading Group Severs Ties with Crypto Project Wormhole
Jump Trading Group has reportedly distanced itself from Wormhole, a crypto project under its crypto investing arm, as part of its broader retreat from the unpredictable digital-assets market.
Posted:2023-11-20, 360 views

CacheWarp Exploits AMD SEV, Jeopardizing Virtual Machine Security
A recently discovered software-based fault injection attack named CacheWarp poses a threat to AMD SEV-protected virtual machines, potentially allowing unauthorized access, privilege escalation, and remote code execution.
Posted:2023-11-17, 111 views

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