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This handy little vbscript function checks to see if a number is a primary number.
Posted:2011-12-31, 2606 views

Ever wanted to grab all the digits out of a string? This handy little function will do it.
Posted:2012-10-13, 1437 views

Join a Computer to a domain with VBScript
When deploying large numbers of computers, there are several methods of joining a machine to a domain.
Posted:2013-10-21, 4171 views

List Running Processes with VBScript
This quick chunk of demo code shows you how to get a list of running processes on the local machine with VBScript, via WMI.
Posted:2017-09-20, 4778 views

Convert an IP Address to an Integer
This is a pretty basic function which allows you to convert an IP address, which a string, into a long integer.
Posted:2017-09-14, 907 views

Create a System Restore Point with VBscript
This handy little VBscript to create a system restore point can be encapsulated in a function, and can save you from yourself.
Posted:2013-10-25, 1965 views

VBScript: Dump AD Users to Excel
This handy little script will dump out your Active Directory users to an Excel spreadsheet.
Posted:2014-09-25, 4027 views

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