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Understanding CMYK: The Color Model Behind Print Media
When diving into the world of graphic design and print media, one is sure to come across the acronym CMYK.
Posted:2023-09-20, 521 views

Understanding Anti-Aliasing in Game Development
Ah, the world of pixels! If you're a gamer or game developer, you've probably encountered the term "anti-aliasing" (AA) quite often.
Posted:2023-09-14, 224 views

What is Glassmorphism?
Modern design has seen an evolution of trends, from skeuomorphism to flat design, and then to neumorphism.
Posted:2023-09-12, 137 views

What Is a Front-End Design System, and Why Is It Necessary?
Aesthetically appealing, user-friendly interfaces are crucial for digital platforms.
Posted:2023-08-29, 115 views

What is Responsive Web Design?
In today's world, people access websites using a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
Posted:2023-02-21, 181 views

CSS Template: Back To Basics
I was cruising through some old backups, doing some house cleaning, and I found a trove of old templates that fooled around with, way back in 2002.
Posted:2019-01-13, 588 views

CSS Template: Retro Pixels
This one harkens back to the olden times of the late eighties and early nineties.
Posted:2019-01-12, 915 views

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