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Download File
Shows you a couple very easy ways to download files from the internet using the url.
Posted:2021-02-15, 489 views

USB Communication
This zip contains a couple modules to simplify the process of dealing with USB ports and devices.
Posted:2021-02-14, 293 views

Array to File, Part Deux
Another method to write an array to a file.
Posted:2021-02-14, 185 views

Array to File
Write an entire array into a file'assumes MyArray existsOpen "myfile.
Posted:2021-02-14, 177 views

Dialog - file - using API
The following is reprinted for archival purposes from Gary Beene's Information Center, with permission from Mr.
Posted:2021-02-11, 206 views

Get drive information (Disk ID, FreeSpace, Label, etc)
These functions will provide you quick, fail-safe information about a specific disk letter you specify (ex: "C:" )GetDriveSerialID - Returns the serial number of a drive partition (if available)GetDriveFreeSpace - Returns the free space of the specified drive (if available)GetDriveSize - Returns the total drive space (if available)GetDriveUsedSpace - Returns the used disk space of the specified drive (if available)GetDriveLabel - Returns the volume label of the specified driveSome functions are declared as variant instead of longs, avoiding the 2GB limit.
Posted:2002-06-01, 212 views

File Sync Utility v5
Simple synchronize backups and remove duplicates utility Added option to remove empty folders after delete operations v3 adds the option to use file CRCs for exact matching - this helps in situations where time stamps are different when files are still identical.
Posted:2020-09-01, 224 views

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