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ClientDNS - IPv6
ClientDNS is a utility program designed and intended to give you full access to the DNS packets returned from the requested server.
Posted:2020-09-01, 213 views

Multi-Connection Chat - update
Now there is support for security, forcing all users to log in to the server.
Posted:2002-06-01, 95 views

Allows the user to get quick and easy access to code from a website they quite like.
Posted:2002-06-01, 252 views

A fun little application that allows you to control another computer on the network.
Posted:2002-06-01, 98 views

mIRC Clone, IRC Client - UPDATED
Ok, I finally have colors working, I got Ident Server working as well, I started on a taskbar and DCC, just about done.
Posted:2002-06-01, 299 views

IRC client
I still need to Do Colors, DCC and Ident Server, if your intrested in helping my ICQ# 52567840.
Posted:2002-06-01, 83 views

This cool little program allows you to send message boxes to a remote computer over a network or the internet.
Posted:2002-06-01, 86 views

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