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Download File
Shows you a couple very easy ways to download files from the internet using the url.
Posted:2021-02-15, 489 views

csSoundPlayer Library v1.1
This is a example of how to use my csSoundPlayer Library v1.
Posted:2021-02-15, 235 views

Create Controls at Runtime
A simple example of how to create controls at runtime.
Posted:2021-02-15, 348 views

Change the Wallpaper
A example of how to programmatically change the Windows desktop wallpaper.
Posted:2021-02-15, 183 views

CD Class Module
This is the latest CD player class module I put together with a example.
Posted:2021-02-15, 194 views

This is a bas file that contains the GDI+ api's I found on the web.
Posted:2021-02-14, 251 views

Create desktop shortcut
The following is reprinted for archival purposes from Gary Beene's Information Center, with permission from Mr.
Posted:2021-02-11, 183 views

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