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CSV File Viewer
This simple application will display CSV files (read-only) in a simple user-interface.
Posted:2002-06-01, 93 views

Fix Line Endings
This VB5 program can parse large text files reading in a chunk at a time and will replace UNIX Lf chars with Windows CrLf's, or vice-versa.
Posted:2020-09-02, 184 views

Associative Arrays in VB6
As$ociative Arrays in VB.
Posted:2020-09-01, 309 views

This code demonstrates how to efficiently randomize an array of user defined type (UDT) items.
Posted:2020-08-31, 143 views

Simple Fixed Array, Part 2
In the last tutorial (Simple Fixed Array, Part 1) we had a fixed Array of Elements (Animals), and when we selected one of the Radio Buttons a Label would show us which number the Element was.
Posted:2019-09-20, 222 views

Simple Fixed Array, Part 1
When I started programming the one thing that would trick me was Arrays.
Posted:2019-09-20, 194 views

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