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Real-time fire (updated, 100 FPS)
This program simulates fire.
Posted:2002-06-01, 66 views

3D Soccer Field
A form that implements a soccer field you can move around in and a grid using line controls only.
Posted:2021-09-22, 379 views

Movie Module 1.2.6
A class module I made to make it very simple to create a feature-rich Movie Player based application.
Posted:2021-02-14, 202 views

This is a bas file that contains the GDI+ api's I found on the web.
Posted:2021-02-14, 251 views

Video on a Form
Video On the Surface of a Form with Text Overlay, Used Directdraw and Directshow.
Posted:2020-08-31, 220 views

The tools needed to make the industry standard CAD program.
Posted:2020-09-01, 157 views

Physics Engine 2D v1.2
Physic Engine 2D.
Posted:2020-09-02, 231 views

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