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FASTEST GoodRound function (Revision D) 2010-06-10 Update!
Provides a good mathematical rounding of numbers instead of VB's "banking" round function.
Posted:2002-06-01, 122 views

Days in the Month
Calculate the number of days in a month.
Posted:2020-08-30, 165 views

Get WeekNumber for a given date

Posted:2002-06-01, 140 views

Evaluate Equation
Evaluate any Mathematical Equationlike: Evaluate("(5+3)*2")Original Author: Lefteris EleftheriadesCodeFunction Evaluate(ByVal Equation As String) Dim i&, P%, Si& Equation = Replace(Replace(Equation, ",", ".
Posted:2002-06-01, 109 views

Age Calculator
Age calculator for a difference in your age.
Posted:2020-08-21, 127 views

Positive and Negative Number Checker
A simple program that I wrote using Microsoft Visual Basic 5 to check if the given integer number by our user is a positive or negative number.
Posted:2020-01-02, 175 views

Compare Time Function
This will allow you to compare times.
Posted:2019-12-30, 201 views

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