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You Need More Detail in your Tickets
I am usually not a purveyor of malicious compliance (MC), but I do enjoy reading about the exploits of others in this area.
Posted:2024-03-05, 161 views

Twelve Days of Christmas, SysAdmin Style
I present to you now a classic.
Posted:2014-12-23, 4053 views

163 Clever WiFi Network Names
You don't have to name your wifi network something boring.
Posted:2021-12-01, 505 views

IT Professional Achievements
I stumbled across a thread containing a bunch of gamer-style achievements for IT folks.
Posted:2019-12-16, 838 views

Insult Generator Service
Some of you may have seen the Shakespearean Insult Generator page on this site.
Posted:2019-08-08, 469 views

IT Alignments
Working with the IT department can be challenging.
Posted:2023-05-31, 211 views

Weekly Brain Dump 2017-09-29
Welcome to the Weekly Brain Dump, where we explore humor, horror and strange news from around the interwebs.
Posted:2017-09-28, 729 views

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