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Detect User's IP address and filter based on it
If you have the need to filter out certain users from your site (hackers, unauthorized personel, etc.
Posted:2002-06-01, 80 views

Detect if cookies are enabled
When you work with cookies, you always run into paranoid types who disable their cookies.
Posted:2002-06-01, 81 views

Full list of ServerVariables
You can get all sorts of useful information on the browser, using Request.
Posted:2002-06-01, 83 views

Getting the URL the user came from before your web page!
This is a great tip that is NOT documented in the Interdev help.
Posted:2002-06-01, 71 views

ASP .NET is finally here!
For those who have been living in a cave, Microsoft's eagerly anticipated update to ASP, called ASP.
Posted:2002-06-01, 75 views

Scaling problem warning about the browser sniffer control
ASP comes with a control named MSWC.
Posted:2002-06-01, 80 views

Dynamically Pass Form Variables through Forms
This code passes all form variables by creating hidden copies of every form variable that was passed to it.
Posted:2002-06-01, 68 views

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