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This is a place where you can post, for all the world to see, companies or individuals that you think need a beatdown with a big stick. It is also a place to warn other folks about the dangers of stupidity in the workplace. Free your rage!

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She should've paid more attention 

Just got off the phone with a client, she just installed windows live mail, and wanted to remove incredimailshe was the very snobby and entitled, you know the type.anyway, after I gave her instruction ...
Posted: 5/19/2017 by AB49K | 58 views

HR doesn't want to do their job 

So I got a call today from a user that doesn't work in the corporate office. Basically, they are unable to log in to see their pay stub, which is done through a web-based SSO portal. I asked a cow ...
Posted: 5/18/2017 by Lightzeaka | 58 views

Now that is secure, isn't it? 

Perhaps this is more a rant then anything that's actually funny or entertaining. I even think it might be so far out there that it beggars belief.Regardless...We're going to be switching IT pr ...
Posted: 5/16/2017 by radijs | 43 views

WiFi Sucks 

I currently am a trainee as an electronics technician at an rather well-known University in Germany. Our main tasks involve designing and producing circuit boards, most of them for the physicists at o ...
Posted: 5/15/2017 by itwasntme967 | 26 views

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