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Perhaps this is more a rant then anything that's actually funny or entertaining. I even think it might be so far out there that it beggars belief.

We're going to be switching IT providers later this year (Our IT is outsourced) and with this switch about 90% of our users are going to be switching to Chromebooks (and chromeboxes) and the remaining 10% will be migrating to Citrix-based virtualized desktops.

In preparation of this I've been interviewing our medical and care staff in regards to where they keep their files.

So yesterday I went to the nurse's station to see if I could catch some people at random and annoy them with my questions.

Really I'd have preferred if I could have planned this with more structured interviews but time constraints have forced me to basically make unscheduled visits and hope to catch whoever's there at the time.

There was a nurse at the station. I don't know her, she doesn't know me so I introduce myself and start asking her about where they keep their files.

Now a slight note here: I've told her who I am, but I'm not wearing any tags, or badges and I haven't shown her any kind of ID.

Well turns out it's on a pair of shared computers, with generic accounts the passwords of which are known to everyone.To check her story, and to get a few more details I ask her if I can check the computers.Without blinking she proceeds to tell me the passwords. And after I try them a few times (and fail) she proceeds to log in on to the PC's for me.

And here's the kicker. Afterwards she had to go on to her rounds. And she asked if I wanted the key to the room so I could lock up after myself when I was done.

There isn't enough whiskey in the world...

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