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Execution Day and Time

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Pusher works with the Task Scheduler service installed by default on all Windows NT-class workstations and servers. This is how Pusher can schedule the delayed execution of programs and scripts. In order to begin a push, the final step you must perform is to specify a day of the week, as well as a time for execution. By default, Pusher sets the default execution time for one hour past the current time. However, you must still specify a day of the week. Simply click the corresponding day of the week that you wish the execution to take place. It is important to not that you are not specifying the time of the push in this step; the push will take place immediately when you click the "Begin Push" button. Rather, you are specifying the day and time the software package will be executed on the target workstation. In other words, on Monday morning, you could set up a push which will occur immediately, but the execution may not take place until up to 7 days later. It is not required for a user to be logged in at execution time, unless your installation process requires it. The execution will take place with the credentials of the user who pushed the package.

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