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Do you use offsite backups ?

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For your official job, you probably are. And if you're not, shame on you.

I am more interested in what you do with your personal data. Do you back it up to a USB drive and forget about it? Or do you perhaps use something like Carbonite or some other offsite file storage?

Myself, I create a backup to shared location on the local network, then that backup set is replicated up to two separate cloud service providers. That way, I have a total of three backups of the data. Two of the three locations can be inaccessible, and I'll still have access to restore data if needed.

What are you using? And if you're not making backups, shame on you again. I *highly* recommend you get a backup schedule going. It's not hard, and you can even pick up a software package to make it "set it and forget it" easy.

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