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Chris Bennett of Baker Nissan South Dealership

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A new comment spam has been popping up around the web. It comes to us from the Houston, Texas area, specifically in the Bammel area, which is in the south side of town. Spam Subject: Please call me I need your service Spam ReplyTo: Chris Salestheif [chris2018423@aol.com] Spam Body: Please call me, I need your service 281-650-3666 It appears to a series of spam messages posted by a "Robert Coppinger", except the in the original messages, the phone number led back to a law firm/money lending institution. From my initial look, it just looks like another sophisticated spam bot that someone has hired to post their phone numbers out there. Not doing a very good job of protecting their employers. My own opinion: this particular spam gang appears to be employed by the more shady types out there. Of course, I could be completely wrong; they could just by cheap and moronic in the ways of the internet.

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