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There is a "company" in Miami, Florida that has acquired a list of credit and debit card numbers from the recent breaches of security at Target, Michaels, Nieman-Marcus, and other companies. This outfit in Miami is located at: 333 S. E. 2nd Avenue, Suite 2000, Miami, Florida, 33131 This a virtual office space in Wells Fargo Center in Miami. Probably nothing more than a mail drop. The web site has a private registration through GoDaddy. The source code of the website reveals no personally identifying information, either. However, judging by the source code, the design of the site was either stolen or purchased from csssavings.com; links and identifying information remain in the html. Now that I think about it, it's probably owned by the same person(s). If you go to the CSS site, it's got the same default page as Minglly. Shabby, scamboy. Watch out for a mysterious $21.99 charge on your statement from this company. They'll slam you with a monthly membership fee for their "discount" club which you did not sign up for, and is set up as a recurring charge. Better yet, if you've shopped at any of the retailers mentioned above, I would suggest you contact your bank, have your plastic deactivated, and a new card (with a new number) issued immediately.

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