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My New Year Resolution - Pusher 6.0

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As of today, January 1, 2015, I've started down the path of updating, and by that I mean re-writing the Pusher application. This new version will be 6.0, and will be a ground-up re-write of the original app. Why 6.0? There was a 5.0, which was used specifically for a particular organization, which had a lot of proprietary functionality built-in. Version 6 will be a public release, though. New stuff: - MySQL back end (no more text files!) - Wider target OS support (Windows 8/2012, Windows 10) - code streamlining, more leveraging of API functions - revamped group and workstation editors - New Inventory system ? Not sure about this yet, but if there is demand ... - New reporting system (html/css); can provide "dashboard" functionality - new logging system - GUI mode as well as running as a Windows service. I'm also toying with the idea of adding agent mode. Not really feeling this, though. One of the main features of Pusher is the ability to interact with target machines without an agent needing to be installed. Maybe two mode operation? Agent optional? I've begin laying out the interface, building database plumbing, and a few other functions. If you've got an idea that you would like to see, drop a note on this thread, or send me a message via PM or the website contact form. You could see your name in lights, so to speak, when this is all done.

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